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Ten Tips On How To Find Inspiration In Your Daily Life

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

“I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright.” ~The Shawshank Redemption

During a children's group, a facilitator entertained a group of children ages 5-7 by quickly clapping his hands shut and telling them he had caught a butterfly. He encouraged them to guess the colors of its wings and how big its size was. The children excitedly leap up, shouting their guesses. In the end, the facilitator opened his hands and, like a magician, said, "Did you see it? There it flies!"

The children of course, did not see it in real space and time but in their imaginations. They ran around desperately, trying to see it flutter its wings. They were inspired simply because they could be as we all can. Inspiration can come from anywhere and often in the most unlikely moments. It could be a podcast, a movie, a person helping an older adult cross the street, children playing in the playground, a person dressed to the nines, laughter, and so forth.

How about a cooking class? A Zumba class or even a current events group.

  1. For inspiration, look back at former pictures or accomplishments! You can certainly regain what you were once able to do, but with a more mature twist. Whoever said growing old meant no longer having what it takes?

  2. Write a letter! Think of a person who may not have family or friends near and write them a note to remind them of their importance. That someone across the pond is thinking of them and wishing them well. Your thoughtfulness may inspire them to feel loved, energized and able to live a little better!

  3. Read a good book! There is something inspirational and magical about sitting with a good book to discover new worlds, adventures, loves, and a warm sense of comfort no other medium can inspire.

  4. Listen to a podcast or watch a movie in a foreign language! It will light up unused areas of your brain, but more importantly, it can inspire you to learn a new language, take a cooking class representative of that culture, travel, and dare to dream!

  5. Add color to your wardrobe! Give your walk around town some swagger! Pamper your pinks, highlight your reds, parade your purples, sunray your yellows, spin your greens, and mingle your blues. {Fun fact: In England, the Brits are known for their flare for color, especially during the colder months, as a way to inspire and uplift their spirits and moods}.

  6. Sing! Sing in the shower, while cleaning, brushing your teeth (that would be a hum), in the car during nightmare traffic, while making dinner, to inspire your children to clean their room clean up, clean up everybody everywhere clean up clean up everybody do your share, while waiting in line (maybe another hum), and paying bills. The opportunities are endless, and you are in charge!

  7. And while you're at it, Dance! Oh yes, never too old, nor too tired to give that hip a swing, fling your arms about, lazer that leg over to the left, then to the right, and bob that head until you are inspired to look at your worries from a lighter lens.

  8. Donate! Got a cluttered heap lying around your home? No problem! There are plenty of families that would love your mess. Think of it as altruism with a twist. You both win—tag team buddies who are helping one another in the goal of having a lovely functional home. Plus, you never know what your kindness will inspire in others.

  9. Groom! Yes, grooming can inspire you to remember you are important! Taking care of your everyday grooming needs can lead to so much more. That hairstyle you never dared but now dare to try, adding perfumes or lotions to your self-care routine, giving your colored wardrobe a new look -can you say scarf Parisian style, oh la la!

  10. Give spirituality or religion a try! The above suggestions can inspire and lead to a more profound understanding of inspiration, hope, faith, and quiet inner happiness and peace.

Get ready to color your wings and fly!

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