Rafis Nin, LCSW, PhD Candidate.

Individual, Couples & Family Counselor in Plantation, FL.

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"Most of the heartbreak that life contains is a result of ignoring the reality that past behavior is the most reliable predictor of future behavior.”

- Gordon Livingston

Are you ready to work on personal issues that has you feeling ready to give up and throw the towel?

Are you tired of seeing repetitive patterns that hinders and hurt you and your relationships?

Are you wanting to heal pain and traumatic memories from your past, so you be more present and enjoy more fully your life?


Then psychotherapy and collaborating with a professional might help you to achieve just that. 


I see therapy as a process of collaboration, a collaboration to help my clients find solutions and healing.


It has been my experience that working with a trained psychotherapist can help a person reach their most desired personal or relational goals, explore reasons for undesired and repetitive negative patterns, and it can provide a safe place to free us from past painful memories.  As a psychotherapist with over 24 years of experience, I have seen clients grow, face their challenges head on and heal their relationships with the self and with others. I have worked with male and female clients or couples in helping them with their goals. 


I am a licensed social worker and currently finishing my doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy.  ​I have worked with an array of issues focusing mainly in traumas of life that can lead to depression, anxiety, suicidality, PTSD, substance abuse and relationships issues. I also have vast experience working with couples and families with relationship concerns. 

My work with client is focused on respecting people’s values, beliefs and choices. I am a big believer that people have self-determination and people are expert of their own lives when it comes to their personal goals and challenges. I work along with clients to assist them in exploring what sort of things might be getting in the way of reaching their goals, and using interventions such as:


- EMDR and EFT Tapping,  two different somatic therapeutic models which are highly effective in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and other symptoms. 

- Mindfulness, a therapeutic approach that works on the ability to remain present, which is effective at treating depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and managing stress.

Narrative Therapy, a therapeutic approach that focuses on finding the client's strengths through the focus of the words we use.

- Family Systems, which is the theory used to help relationships improve.

- The Gottman Method, a therapeutic approach that provides assessments and tools for couples to improve communication, intimacy, and recover from betrayals.

- I have completed specific training to provide counseling for First Responders; the "Clinician Awareness Program" provided by the Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative.  


....and other tools to best help client with the many problems they might be facing, and together we work on finding solutions. 


Over the last 24 years, I have worked on my own journey and healing from sexual abuse, suicide loss, procrastination, toxic relationships, limiting beliefs, and other life challenges that used to paralyze my life and my relationships. I have also witnessed in my work with others how some people can change and transform their lives into more preferred ways.

I also love reading, a good movie, Italian food and traveling for short day trips or new countries. I believe as we travel and explore unfamiliar places, we grow as we discover more about ourselves. We also get to try new ways of beings, face many of our fears and insecurities, and socially get to meet new people and make new connections.

Work with me by calling us today at 954-903-1676 to discover if we would be a good fit to work together.