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Vanessa Sierra, LMFT.

Individual, Family, & Couples Counselor in Plantation, Florida.


"I believe that everyone deserves to find happiness and live their best life."

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Being an adult can sometimes feel like a movie script gone wrong, that likely originated during our childhood and written by adults who did not ask for our opinion. It can certainly feel similar when our relationships are not in a good space, whether it is with your children, significant other, or relatives. Life and our relationships can have challenges. Whoever says otherwise lives in a cartoon series or scripted television show, where the peaceful solution miraculously appears in a 30-minute timespan, including commercials.

Our anxieties, sadness, frustrations, and relationship problems create a sense of emotional insecurity that often leads us to believe it is not safe not only to express those emotions, but that we cannot trust others to understand its effects on our well-being. If your life seems to have composed an ongoing script that causes you stress, anger, disillusionment, excessive worrying or overall fear, you are not alone. It can certainly feel like you are alone, but I am here to remind you that you are not. 



]To seek help is a step that takes bravery. Bravery is motivated by that voice inside us that knows it deserves to be heard. Somewhere along the line, someone or many, embedded in us the belief that our voice was not good enough to be heard. That, what we had to say, did not make the grade. Did not fit into their script. 

Therapy can help to recreate your script to tell the truth of who you are and to help you live your best life. Therapy can guide this profound process in an environment of safety, compassion, and the discovery of lifelong tools to support your voice’s journey.I believe that patterns in our lives take years to form, and therefore require a nurturing and compassionate approach towards change. In our therapeutic relationship, we will work together to discover the goals and desires to create the life and self-value you and your relationships long for. A safe reliable space for you to reconnect with the truth of who you are and purposely understand and express your deepest needs. Whether you are seeking therapy services for yourself, your child(ren), partnership, or family, the space will accommodate each participant and provide a gentle yet strength-based environment where everyone’s voice will flourish and feel validated.



Therapy can take may modalities. The modalities I use will be specially tailored to meet yours and your loved one’s unique needs and presenting issues. Evidenced and research based practices such as: Family Systems, Gottman training, Trauma-focused CBT, CBT, DBT, Nurturing Parenting Skills, and approaches such as: Psychoanalysis,  Attachment Styles, and Rogerian.



I have a Bachelors in Arts in Psychology with a minor in Religious Studies and a Masters in Art in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have over 14 years of experience in the Marriage and Family therapy field in both the mental health and substance use services. I have been a Clinical Supervisor, where I have provided ongoing development training in clinical skills to master level clinicians; and facilitated Nurturing Parenting Skills psycho-educational groups to multicultural families in the states of Florida and California. I am a long-term member of The Lions Club serving as Secretary for our chapter that focuses on providing ongoing provisions and sustenance to families in need. My personal interests include: being an author of children’s books, spending time with my husband and family, Sunday brunches, day-dreaming, art work, and dancing to 80s music.

This is my voice, allow me the opportunity to guide you in finding yours.


Work with me by calling today for a free 15-minute phone consultation at 954-903-1676 to discover if we would be a good fit to work together.

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