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How to be Romantic in your Relationship

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

"Romance is the glamor that turns everyday life's dust into a golden haze."

We are bombarded with commercials, movies, and songs about Romance and gestures of love everywhere we turn. In relationships, there is an expectation of being wired with Romance automatically. We know how to romance our partners, yet, many of us fall short of being able to be romantic with our partners.

Let's start with what is Romance? When most think about Romance, we think about candles, roses, dim lighting, and a setting that sweeps our significant other off their feet with a gleaming sparkle in their eyes. We often think about the Romance we see in the famous movie The Notebook, Disney movies, and our favorite RomComs. According to Oxford languages, Romance is defined as meaning "a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love." Romance can be expressed and found in many different actions to our significant others in our day-to-day lives. A romantic gesture can be extravagant, small or anywhere in between. Romance in our relationships is important because it can assist with strengthening the bond that you have between yourself and your significant other. Romance is also important because it helps demonstrate gestures of love and excitement that can keep the relationship growing positively.

It is easy for Romance to get left behind in our busy lives' regular hustle and bustle. Work, children, family, and friends can be distracting when attempting to be romantic and make time for Romance in our relationships. Being romantic can often fall short in relationships due to being unsure of how to be romantic…But being romantic doesn't have to be complicated. Romantic gestures can often be fun and exciting and a new way to express love and connection in our relationships. Anyone can easily express Romance in every relationship, and here's how:

Talk about it: Romance can mean different things for each person in the relationship.

Take the time to talk about what your partner expects regarding Romance. ex ) Words of Affirmation, Gift-Giving, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Quality time According to The Five Love Languages

Make time: Prioritize scheduled date nights. Set a specific date and time to spend with your significant other.

Be present: Put away distractions such as phones, tablets, and televisions. Quality time without significant others without interruptions can help to facilitate Romance due to being focused on each other and your connection.

Be vulnerable: Expressing feelings and emotions and being vulnerable with your partner can facilitate a deeper connection

Turn Towards: According to the research conducted by John and Julie Gottman, paying attention to your partner's bid for connection can help with passion and Romance in relationships. ex) ask what's wrong when your partner *sighs*, Be genuinely interested in your partner's stories and be attentive

Initiate sex differently: Try initiating sex in a manner that is different from the usual initiating tactics.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to foster a romantic connection with our partners in relationships. It's important not to overthink and be open and honest with your significant other to understand what Romance looks like in your relationship. Use the tips above to jump-start your new romantic relationship.

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